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Monster Movie Review: An important even if inconsistent legal drama

While the film is technically strong, the same can’t be said about its writing and commitment to the central conceit

16 May 2021

Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 Review: A formidable anthology that is worth all the hype

The second season of Netflix's animated sci-fi anthology series may not surpass the highs of season one, but it doesn't fall short either

14 May 2021

I Am All Girls Movie Review: A character-driven thriller that tackles a difficult subject matter

The intense performances and an interesting theme save the film’s up-and-down storyline from mediocrity  

14 May 2021

Woman in the Window Movie Review: An unsatisfying jumble of genre tropes
Woman in the Window Movie Review: An unsatisfying jumble of genre tropes

While the novel offers reasonable levels of genre pleasure, including all the red herrings and misdirection, the film simply seems to lack the patience needed to set up the environment 

14 May 2021

Oxygen Movie Review: Deftly staged claustrophobic thriller with some neat twists

Through Oxygen, director Aja proves that there is still a lot of fuel left in the tank of claustrophobia-based thrillers

14 May 2021

The Sons of Sam Docuseries review: A nerve-racking documentation of relentless journalistic pursuit

This true-crime series takes a deep plunge into a journalist’s psyche to tell an inspiring and chilling story

12 May 2021

Without Remorse Movie Review: Michael B Jordan shines in this dull action film

Without Remorse does not feel like a racy action entertainer for today's world; instead, it feels very much like a film that belongs in the 90s

10 May 2021

Amazon Prime Video's The Boy from Medellin: Personal is political 
The Boy from Medellin Review: An engaging documentary about a reggaeton star

The bilingual documentary weaves the personal with the political, providing a glimpse of the man behind the artist  

07 May 2021


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