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Map of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Review: A tale with decent returns

Everyone else is living the same life every single day without the knowledge of such a catastrophe having befallen their lives

21 Feb 2021

Breaking News in Yuba County Movie Review: Allison Janney shines in this mediocre film

A promising premise and a convincing Allison Janney, notwithstanding, the film’s execution, humour, and supporting cast leave much to be desired

21 Feb 2021

Namaste Wahala Movie Review: This Indo-Nigerian romance misses the mark

The Lagos-set film plays on Bollywood tropes, but doesn’t engage as a love story

15 Feb 2021

Our Friend Movie Review: A bittersweet tale of love and friendship and everything in between

The film makes a strong case for friendship as the ultimate bond, presenting it as perhaps the closest form there is to unconditional love

13 Feb 2021

Naanum Single Thaan Movie Review: Vile and infuriating

Consent, individuality, the single parenthood discourse, logic, romance, humour, writing – everything goes for a toss in this extremely unpleasant film

12 Feb 2021

A still from Malcolm & Marie
Malcolm & Marie movie review: A handful of brilliant scenes cannot save this talkathon

In one of many scenes where Malcolm talks about authenticity in films, he says, "Cinema doesn’t need to have a message. It needs to have a heart and electricity." Wish this film had a bit of that.

09 Feb 2021

All My Friends Are Dead Movie Review: A fun, if bumpy, ride

This Netflix Polish movie has its share of flaws and mind-blowing moments, and makes for a decent teen thriller

08 Feb 2021

Penguin Bloom Movie Review: An uplifting film about hope and understanding

Knowing that the film is based on a true story helps us get past the slightly whimsical nature of the one-liner

08 Feb 2021

Monster Hunter Movie Review: A full dose of worthy entertainment
Monster Hunter Movie Review: A full dose of worthy entertainment

An entertaining film that provides enough by way of its story and acting to engage even the non-connoisseur

05 Feb 2021


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7G Rainbow Colony
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