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Mare of Easttown Review: Kate Winslet shines in this murder mystery masterpiece

This Disney+ Hotstar is an instant classic in its genre

31 May 2021

The Innocent web series review: Oriol Paulo unleashes his most suspenseful, emotionally charged work yet

El Inocente (a.k.a The Innocent) is a stunningly staged, intricate maze of overlapping events that begins with an unintentional act of violence that turns a young man's world upside down

30 May 2021

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Review: Lightbringer is back in all his glory

Minor hiccups aside, Netflix's Lucifer season 5 flies high as a good display of a good television show

30 May 2021

Panic Series Review: A solid effort in the genre of young adult mystery-drama

An engaging young adult mystery/drama that packs in quite a bit into its ten-episode first season

29 May 2021

Friends: The Reunion Review: Could I BE more moved?

While it is not flawless, this reunion does feel like it fulfils its evidently difficult job of satiating the average F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan

27 May 2021

Army of the Dead Movie Review: This all brawn and no brain zombie heist is predictable yet fun
Army of the Dead Movie Review: This all brawn and no brain zombie heist is predictable yet fun

Amidst all the action, guns, raining bullets and headshots that would put a sniper to shame, the film dearly lacks the heart that's been the core of Snyder's previous works

21 May 2021

Solos Anthology Review: A half-effective meditative take on memories

Strong performances elevate this sci-fi drama from being ordinary 

21 May 2021

Monster Movie Review: An important even if inconsistent legal drama

While the film is technically strong, the same can’t be said about its writing and commitment to the central conceit

16 May 2021

Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 Review: A formidable anthology that is worth all the hype

The second season of Netflix's animated sci-fi anthology series may not surpass the highs of season one, but it doesn't fall short either

14 May 2021


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