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Udaharanam Sujata: A delightful watch 

A feel-good entertainer that fills you with warmth and positivity, and a message movie without the heavy preaching

28 Sep 2017

Parava: Speaking heart's language

In his debut movie, Soubin Shahir etches a deeply emotional tale of a few people leading uneventful lives, in a captivating visual language  

21 Sep 2017

Matchbox: An ode to friendship and love

Despite a plot that's as old as the hills, this story of friendship and teenage love largely works thanks to its innate charm and realistic characterisation 

15 Sep 2017

Pullikaran Stara: A shallow entertainer

Mammootty's Onam release is a comic ride that extolls the virtues of teaching

04 Sep 2017

Adam Joan: A slick thriller

With the right amount of romance, action, thrill and emotions, director Jinu cooks up an appetising meal

01 Sep 2017

Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela: No laugh riot

This is not your regular full-on fun ride, but rather a film with its heart in the right place

01 Sep 2017

Velipadinte Pustakam: Mohanlal saves this mediocre attempt

Despite the Lal Jose-Mohanlal combo, this film ends up being an average fare with a predictable and uninteresting plot 

31 Aug 2017

Bobby: A cheesy and predictable love story 

With no solid moments to puff up the story, Bobby just goes with the flow and meets its predictable end

18 Aug 2017

E: Scare-E fare? Not really 

This film is not a true shiver-giver where chills flow naturally, but instead just ticks the usual genre checkboxes

18 Aug 2017


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